ScoliCare are world leaders in Scoliosis — pioneering and delivering the world’s best non-surgical approach to Scoliosis treatment through innovation, research
and education. Boasting significant success in Australia and a growing demand for their products internationally, the business made the leap to expand OS. To realise these big ambitions and position themselves as global players, the ScoliCare brand needed to evolve.


Brand architecture
Brand identity
Product brands
System design
Brand guidelines
Digital marketing
Environmental design

We were initially appointed to refresh the ScoliCare logo, modernising the existing mark and ‘S’ icon for easier implementation by franchises. After further strategic consultation, it became clear the task and needs of the business were much greater. 

Working collaboratively with the ScoliCare team, we set about building a global brand that would drive greater brand awareness; improve perceptions of expertise, quality and price; and bring joy to an always ‘on’ category.

The ScoliCare rebrand transformed the way they do business. We built a robust and flexible system that could be implemented universally across the core business as well as suit the many needs of the clinics and affiliates. An evolved logo, warm and inviting colour palette and outcome-focused photography became the foundations of the visual language. A set of supporting graphic lines mimic both the curves of the logo and the shape and form of our spines – highlighting ScoliCare’s commitment to shaping the future of care for their patients.  

“It is an absolute pleasure working with the team at Derringer. I thoroughly recommend their services, which they deliver with the greatest enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise. They have been wonderful to work with on our branding transformation… We have been a client for several years now and consider Derringer an integral part of our ongoing success. Thanks guys!”
— Michelle McAviney, Director/Chief Innovation Officer, Scolicare


Every touchpoint was carefully considered – product branding, consolidation of seven different websites into a streamlined multisite, retail signage, branded environments, advertising, digital marketing, print and comprehensive brand and interior guidelines. 

Since the launch of the new brand and website in 2021, there has been marked growth in clinic bookings nationally, a significant increase in product providers and the number of clinic franchises worldwide has doubled.