Elisabeth Cabanac

Skincare by Elisabeth is a high-end, Australian-based skincare brand that helps people achieve healthy, beautiful skin using natural and organic products.

With a name change designed to encompass both personal service and product, and a desire to expand the business to more locations across NSW, the current brand needed a glow up.


Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Marketing collateral

Our objective was to elevate the existing brand to a place of desire, while still maintaining the focus on premium services, expertise and the individual care that Elisabeth offers. With a new generation of client who are health-conscious, environmentally aware and value the science behind the skin care, we created an elegant monogram and timeless wordmark that would appeal to both current clients and new.

The visual language is rich, earthy and tactile – with a colour palette and suite of images inspired by nature, luminescent textures and indulgent places – supporting the new identity.