The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent regulator that promotes competition and fair trade in markets to benefit Australian consumers, businesses and the community. 

Market research revealed the ACCC needed to better define their consumer and regulatory offerings and build more awareness around the brand and its role — ultimately strengthening their position in market.


Creative direction
Brand strategy
Brand system
Digital design

The ACCC has significant recognition in Australia, however many people and enterprise level organisations are unaware of the services and roles the independent regulator provides. We partnered with the Brand Institute and the ACCC Communications team to make the brand more consistent, clear and effective across all channels, particularly corporate publications and digital assets.

With research pointing to greater recognition of the ‘ACCC’ acronym over the full name, we focused on creating a strong wordmark. The triangular shape in the logo represents the compass bearing for ‘True North’ which aligns with the ACCC’s core value of being an unbiased, true regulator for fair trade, providing reliable direction and advice. The primary purple was also retained due to significant brand equity.

The new brand is simple and flexible; a workable system the internal communications teams were able to implement effectively and consistently,
and easily distinguishable in market today.