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The New MYOB

We can officially reveal the long awaited identity refresh for MYOB. Derringer have been working closely with the MYOB team to create a new visual identity, positioning strategy and communications style for this iconic Australian technology brand.

MYOB have been a leader in accounting software for the last 25 years and are well recognised in the Australian market. Their brand has undergone several logo evolutions over this period but never anything that has noticeably shifted the brand in another direction. We've been lucky to have been introduced at a time when MYOB were after a significant visual change. Our main objective was to create an identity that was an evolution of the brand, retaining recognition and equity but progressing the aesthetic to be more modern and reflective of the current company philosophy and vision. This has been a great opportunity to work with the MYOB team to create a fresh direction that will no doubt make a big difference to the business going forward.

Checkout the MYOB showcase for more detail on this project.