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Griffith University 'Be Remarkable' Campaign

Griffith University has officially launched their 'Be Remarkable' campaign! For months the Derringer team have been strategising, crafting and producing a major integrated campaign to begin repositioning Griffith University within the Australian university market. This campaign was designed as an initial awareness piece to set up and begin defining a fresh tone of voice and communication style for the university. We set out to create something that was energetic, vibrant and non-traditional for the category and it seems the result has been very successful, gaining significant recognition and attention with Queensland audiences.

There were many people who helped us deliver this campaign so we'd like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication in realising this concept. We've also been lucky to have met many more talented and passionate people during this process which is always a reward in itself. We hope this little film inspires.

Visit the 'Be Remarkable' campaign in our project showcase for more detail. To view the extended directors cut of the film click here.