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AstraZeneca's Creative Environment

AstraZeneca are a global leader in the biopharmaceutical sector and have been at the forefront of some significant medical breakthroughs in Australia that have enabled the advancement of medical science internationally.

Derringer have been working closely with the The Brand Institute and interior architects FutureSpace to help design and produce a creative, themed space throughout their new Australian headquarters. Our aim has been to develop a visual narrative that links science with nature, providing a themed journey throughout all internal spaces. We have integrated subtle textural finishes and 3D modeled graphics to extend this concept while keeping the visual impact of areas empathetic to FutureSpaces's overall vision for the environment. We love collaborating with talented people and this project has enabled us to help produce an inspiring and uplifting work space that will no doubt make a big difference to the team at AstraZeneca. Well done everyone, great result.