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We believe in the potential for all people to become remarkable. Remarkable is earned.


Griffith University – Repositioning Campaign

Derringer was appointed by Griffith University to create and produce a large scale integrated awareness campaign that focused on bringing to life their new positioning initiative of 'Remarkable'. We decided to explore the concept of what it takes to become remarkable and how this can be achieved and linked to Griffith University going forward. We were tasked with developing a long term creative strategy that worked to communicate and unify this core message to broader university audiences – new students, existing students, teachers and alumni, industry and community. Our approach was to break down the idea of what remarkable represents to each of these audiences and then create tailored delivery platforms and messaging allowing for far more relevant, qualified and effective communications long term.

We decided to concentrate on developing a non-traditional approach with the concept to resonate with a younger audience and help realign the attitude and positioning of the university within this demographic. We focused on individual pursuits offered at Griffith University that demand courage, dedication, experimentation and commitment in order to become remarkable. The overall tone is youthful and dynamic bringing in existing university students as feature talent and filming over Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses. The messaging speaks directly to inspire and challenge while the treatment was kept black and white to create a powerful simplicity to the visual and help align Griffith University red (when used) to the concept of remarkable. This colour recognition will build as the strategy gains momentum and will help define and reinforce the concept of 'Remarkable' in all it's forms to Griffith University.


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Griffith University - Derringer Griffith University - Derringer
Griffith University - Derringer
Griffith University - Derringer


Griffith University - Derringer