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Sugar Free Cake Mixes

We've been keeping busy helping the good folks over at Noshu Foods launch a new range of sugar free cake mixes into Woolworths stores Nationally. Such a great product for this category considering they have eliminated sugar entirely from a still very decadent cake and you wouldn't even know. Noshu only ever use natural ingredients so there are no nasty chemicals or additives in their products which we love.

We know this product will be a huge hit with mums wanting to have a healthier alternative when it comes to kids parties. No more crazy sugar highs and the inevitable dreaded sugar crash that follows... I'm sure our parents would have loved to have had this as an option so well done Noshu for developing a product that really impacts peoples lives in a positive and healthy way.

You can find the Noshu sugar free cake mixes in your local Woolworths store now, so do yourself a favour and try these products. All love. No Sugar.