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"Purity for me is a sense of balance and harmony within a dish. When all the elements come together perfectly, when the selection of ingredients and the nature of those ingredients are fully expressed through considered technique." PETER GILMORE


Peter Gilmore App for iPad

Having collaborated with Peter Gilmore on the creation of his first multi award-winning book 'Quay', we were again brought on board to design his second book, 'Organum', which is a musical term that refers to the harmonic enhancement of multiple tones combined to form a heightened sound.

During the development of his second book we saw an opportunity to extend the philospohies of 'Organum' into a richer digital experience so came up with the concept to produce a companion app that worked as an interactive food documentary. We engaged the team at Pollen to help us develop a companion App for iPad that explores the process behind Peter's signature dishes. Via a key ingredient for each recipe, the App introduces us to some of Australia’s first-class growers, fishmongers and producers, exploring both their local environment and the unique produce that forms an integral part of Peter Gilmore’s nature-based cuisine.

We then developed a strategic marketing plan covering all major media points within the food, lifestyle, technology and design industries, driving pre-release App and book interest to a specially designed 'Peter Gilmore' micro site.

Apple featured the comapnion App in their ‘best new Apps’ category praising it for design and uniqueness. The App has since received glowing reviews including multiple international design and development awards. This is the first App of its kind and will no doubt change the landscape of digital marketing and branding for high-end chefs and restaurants.


    • Peter Gilmore / Quay Restaurant

    • Concept / creative development
    • Creative direction
    • Art direction
    • Digital strategy
    • Digital design
    • User experience design
    • Marketing
    • Photography & video
    • Copywriting

    • gold D&AD Pencil / Graphic Design – Digital
    • gold AdFest 2015 Mobile Lotus / Lifestyle
    • gold FWA Mobile of the Day (MOTD) Award / 22nd November 2014

Peter Gilmore app - Derringer

Peter Gilmore app - Derringer Peter Gilmore app - Derringer Peter Gilmore app - Derringer Peter Gilmore app - Derringer
Peter Gilmore app - Derringer
  • Peter Gilmore app - Derringer


Peter Gilmore app - Derringer
Peter Gilmore app - Derringer