"Multiple harmonies working together can create a new sound. The idea is also applied in the development of cuisine, using multiple ingredients achieving harmony: flavours, textures, techniques and aroma that come together to create something new — a unique dish." PETER GILMORE


Chef Peter Gilmore

This is the second book we have designed for executive chef Peter Gilmore of the internationally acclaimed Sydney restaurant 'Quay'. This book explores Peter's philosophies on nature, intensity, texture, and purity, and celebrates some of the many growers, fishmongers and producers who share his passion for quality produce – providing the vital link between chef and nature.

Our main task was to gain a deeper insight into Peter's principles, inspiration and influences so we were then able to create a unique and informed conceptual direction that would set a new benchmark in this genre.

We focused on creating a theme that enhances the existing beauty of Peter's presentation, then contrasts the purity of the finished dish with the raw environment the key produce originates from. We commissioned artisan glass blowers EdolsElliot to produce large hand-made glass vessels so we could explore layers of reflection when shooting the final dishes. Ethereal white pages with subtle depth create imaginative reflections and give this book an incredibly unique aesthetic. Typography is clean and structured while the textural cover and embossed high gloss slip case become a tactile extension of this idea – all designed to enhance Peter's overall philosophy and provide a rich and immersive reader experience.

Photographer Brett Stevens was commissioned to produce the stunning visuals and illustrator Adriana Picker was approached to create a series of detailed line drawings which add further depth the concept by exploring key produce in a romantic, botanical fashion.


    • Peter Gilmore / Murdoch Books

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